Prayer Ministry RULES


To request prayer from Santa Muerte devotees, create a new thread in this forum detailing who the prayer is for and the type of energy you want to send to the person.

Do not include personal information in the prayer request. Refer to individuals by first name only, or by their initials. If referring to a person's date of birth, include the year only.

To respond to a prayer request, create a new response within the thread letting the original poster (OP) know that you acknowledge the prayer request and have offered the requested prayers. If you leave any offerings at your Santa Muerte altar on behalf of the OP, you can upload a picture of the offering at your altar in the body of your response.

If you decide to upload an image in response to a prayer request, please compress the image by running it through a service like

Use common sense and be respectful.

April 8, 2022 3:47 PM
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